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The primary activity at Tanada Lake Lodge is rest and relaxation in a totally peaceful environment where the only noise you hear comes completely from nature or that which you or your party generate. If you want to get away from it all Tanada Lake is the place to go. No checking your iPhone or BlackBerry. Truly a place to regenerate in an environment of total seclusion for you and your party.


These pristine lake waters are a unique privilege to fish. Tanada Lake is part of the headwaters of the famous Copper River drainage which eventually runs into the Gulf of Alaska.

Tanada Lake is home to grayling, lake trout, salmon and burbot. Novice and experienced fisherman regularly catch grayling nearly every cast up to 18 inches long, lake trout that weigh in the 20 - 30 pound range and burbot which get well into the 30 inch length as well as both red and king salmon.

We are happy to cook up your catch of the day for dinner along with the other hearty food planned for the evening.

Sightseeing & Trekking

Alaska invented sightseeing! Whether visiting for a day or a week, your whole Tanada Lake Lodge experience will be filled with the grandeur and beauty of this magical place.

A scenic adventure awaits, flightseeing in a float plane, relaxing on the porch enjoying the lake, the views of rivers, valleys, mountains and wildlife will take your breath away. Many diverse sight seeing options await you at Tanada Lake Lodge:

• Short Trekking and Day Hiking Trails
• Lake and River Boats to Travel in and Enjoy
• Wild Flowers and Abundant Bird Life
• Late Season Northern Light Viewing

Be sure to bring your video camera , still camera, binoculars or even your paint brush so as to capture this amazing world.

Wildlife Viewing

Being over 13 million acres in size, The Wrangell - St Elias National Park is the largest national park in the United States and home to thousands of animals.

The resident mature eagle sits atop a spruce tree seen right out of the main lodge window. An immature bald eagle joins him in this area to hunt for fish on a regular basis.

From the deck on the main lodge, you can eyeglass for the abundant dall sheep in the mountain rocks, view fish jumping in the lake, watch the eagles hunt for those fish and enjoy being part of their peaceful environment.

"Come to Tanada Lake Lodge and find your favorite wild animal, maybe right off the back porch!"

- Your Host, Roger Fischer

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Tanada Lake Lodge is only accessible by floatplane, so pack your bags for the greatest remote Alaskan retreat available.

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FISHING: Take one of the lodge boats out on the lake and fish to your hearts content or wade along the shallow shores of the lake or inflowing streams with your fly rod. We can also fly you upstream for the day, so you can float and fish back down to the lodge.


TREKKING: Bring your camera and binoculars on a short day hike along the shores of Tanada Lake. Eagles, moose, caribou, dall sheep and the lush expanse of the Alaskan bush will fill your field of view.

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WILDLIFE: Because there are little to no intrusions by man within this remote wilderness, wildlife such as dall sheep, moose, caribou, wolf and bear are frequently seen roaming and feeding near the lake side.

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