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Nestled deep within the Wrangell - St Elias National Park is a place that time has not found! Surrounded by 13.2 million acres of pristine wilderness sits a clear glacier fed lake some six miles long and a mile wide. the Athabascan Indians native to this part of Alaska named it "Tanada", their word for "Wind on the Water".

The only private property in this area is quietly tucked in the trees on the shore overlooking this beautiful lake. It is home of the lodge built originally by Alaskan pioneers. We call it "Tanada Lake Lodge".

For those of us seeking a place we can enjoy peace and tranquility, where nature is abundant and the presence of mankind is barely felt, this is a true retreat into the last frontier, and one of very few left on the North American continent.

Tanada Lake Lodge is host to only 30 guests per year. Our guests are not co-mingled with other folks during their stay. Your time in this paradise retreat is reserved for you and your invited guests alone.

Relax, view the abundant wildlife, boat the lake, sun yourself on the deck, stroll the lake edge and photograph, or take a pole and go fish for world-class grayling, lake trout, burbot and salmon. There is no itinerary at Tanada Lake Lodge, except for what you, yourself set.


"If truly getting away and being in a wilderness paradise like none other is your idea of a great vacation - Welcome! You have just found it at Tanada Lake Lodge in Alaska!"

- Your Host, Roger Fischer

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Tanada Lake Lodge is only accessible by floatplane, so pack your bags for the greatest remote Alaskan retreat available.

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When you come and visit us, you are truly "off the beaten path" taken by most visitors in Alaska. We take pride in creating and maintaining a rustic, Alaskan environment for our guests who want to experience what Alaska used to be 50 years ago.

Give us a call or shoot us an email to talk about how we can make your dream vacation or retreat become a reality this summer!

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